Mathias Mikkelsen
Published April 11, 2012

Won the WIF 2012 Norwegian Qualifer

This past weekend, after 24 hours straight, my team Tomato Tomato ended up as the winners of the norwegian qualifier for Webdesign International Festival 2012. There were simultaneous qualifiers all over the world, and we placed in the top ten, beating over 200 teams in the process. The finals will be held in Limoges, France later this year on May 28th – 31st.

Our entry was called Me, a service to help people get to know themselves better. You can learn more on our presentation site.

Here are a couple of articles from the press regarding the victory:

Mathias Mikkelsen, Simen Gjermundsen, Henning Gjerde

From left to right: Mathias Mikkelsen, Simen Øian Gjermundsen, Henning Gjerde