Mathias Mikkelsen
Published October 29, 2010

A Perfect Example Of How Social Media Can Work For All Involved

This is a fantastic story about how everyone involved in a viral story on the social web can benefit from it.

Yesterday, I watched a short 6-minute-long TED talk from Margaret Stewart, YouTube’s head of user experience, where she talked about how YouTube thinks about copyright.

The talk shows how a viral YouTube video called JK Wedding Entrance Dance (which is excellent btw! It always makes me smile.) generated massive new revenue for Sony Music and Chris Brown. The creators of the video also received enormous attention and collected 26 000 dollars to help fight domestic violence. The huge youtube-hit was also parodied in an episode of NBC’s The Office.

This truly is a great example of how the creators, the content owner, the artist and the general public (from the joy and money for fighting domestic violence) can all benefit, together, from the same video.