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Amazing Facts About Facebook And Breakups

Published October 25, 2010

Have you ever wondered when people break up? Look at the graph below.

I watched a TED talk the other day from David McCandless called “The beauty of data visualizations“. It was quite amazing and included lots of different datasets. One of them was about Facebook and breakups. David and his team scanned over 10 000 status-updates and set out to learn more about when people broke up. This is what they learned:

  • A big peak right before Spring Break
  • Most breakups are announced on Mondays
  • People like to start the summer being single
  • A big peak right before Christmas
  • The lowest day throughout the whole year is Christmas Day (thank God)

Amazing facts about Facebook and breakups

I never stop being amazed about how much Facebook can actually teach us about human behavior. When everything is being digitalized and searchable, some really interesting stuff appears.

You should watch the whole presentation on YouTube. Also, did you know that the volcano outbreak on Iceland was the first ever carbon neutral volcano? You’ll understand why in the video.

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